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5 Ways to Gift our Name Necklaces

February 15, 2021

5 Ways to Gift our Name Necklaces - Lulu + Belle Jewellery

At Lulu + Belle we are obsessed with everything personalised which is why we have created a collection of name necklaces that can be personalised with the names of those you treasure most. Our name chains are made to order, right her in our Dublin workshop, meaning we can often accomodate special requests where possible. Here is some inspiration for creating a necklace with name to gift to someone special.  We will give you some ideas for which name necklace or name pendant would work best for different occasions. 

The wearing of name jewellery has a long history and was particularly popular in Victorian times for example, where engraved name brooches were a often worn piece of jewellery.  The name plate necklace exploded in popularity in the 2000’s, by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, who was rarely seen without her beloved name necklace. 

All of our name necklaces are individually hand-stamped on hand-made discs and charms and the finish is a debossed name embedded in gold or silver. 

Necklace With Name on It to Mark the Arrival of New Baby 

Choosing the name of a new born is a unique event.  For some Mums and families, they knew instinctively from the first scan what they will name this new arrival.  For other Mums, they want to wait until they meet their newborn to settle on their precious name.  We love the idea of celebrating this special choice with a necklace with name in it and the date of baby's arrival.   

One of most popular personalised name necklaces to celebrate new arrivals is our stamped edge personalised necklace available in both rolled gold and sterling silver.  This simple disc necklace can be stamped with up to 14 characters so is it can be personalised with a new baby’s name and birth date stamped around the edge of the disc.  If the name is too long to fit both a name and birth date, you can get in touch and we can make a customised name necklace with a slightly bigger disc.  This simple name chain can also be made with a birthstone to mark baby's birth month making it a piece of very personal jewellery for a new Mum and a very sentimental gift. 

stamped edge personalised necklace silver

Family Silver or Gold Name Necklace 

Each family member is so precious and each child is unique in their own way.  Our family name necklace in sterling silver or gold is a perfect way to embed those special names in precious metal as a perfect keepsake.  Our gold name necklace and silver name necklace are simple, polished discs hand-made and personalised with hand-stamped characters to capture the names that mean the most.  Each disc can be personalised with up to 14 characters allowing for even longer names or more than one name per disc for shorter names. This lovely necklace is perfect with just one or multiple discs to represent everyone in the family. 

silver name necklace lulu and belle

Another way to create a customized name necklace to represent your family is our personalised necklace with initials available in gold and silver.  The disc could be stamped with the family surname such as ‘THE DOYLES’ and then an initial disc stamped with the initial of each family member.

Necklace with Name Pendant + Heart 

Create a romantic piece of name jewellery with our midi-name necklace and heart.  This medium sized disc can be stamped with up to 14 characters so is perfect to personalise with the name of the one you love.  The dainty heart pendant on the necklace can also be personalised with initial.  This lovely necklace with name on it would make a perfect Valentine’s or birthday gift. 

Gold name necklace with heart

Personalised Name Necklace as Memorial Jewellery

We are often asked to make a piece of memorial jewellery to remember someone who has passed.  A personalised name necklace is a perfect way to commemorate someone who was much loved and to keep their memory close everyday. Our personalised necklace with double disc and birthstone is perfect to create a customisable name necklace. The large disc can be stamped with up to 18 characters, so you could personalise it with both a name and short phrase or word that you associate with your loved one. The larger disc on the chain can also be personalised on request and this could be stamped with a meaningful phrase or cherished memory of a loved one.  These discs are paired with a dainty birthstone charm. 


personalised name necklace lulu and belle

We also often stamp the names of beloved pets who have passed on our name necklaces for those who want to dedicate a piece of personal jewellery to their much loved family member. 

Spell out their Name with an Initial Necklace or Initial Bracelet 

If you are looking for something a little different, you could use our initial necklaces or initial bracelets to spell out a short name. Our petite gold initial disc necklaces, available in both rolled gold and sterling silver, are a perfect option to spell out a name as the dainty discs are small enough to wear in multiples on the chain without the chain becoming too heavy.

gold initial bracelet lulu and belle

Our initial bracelet in gold and silver can be personalised with up to 4 discs so could also spell out a short name or a couples initials with an & in between ! An initial necklace or bracelet is a contemporary piece of identity jewellery and will be loved as a birthday gift, new baby gift or anniversary gift. 

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