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November Gift Ideas

November 03, 2023

November Gift Ideas - Lulu + Belle Jewellery

November is a month of transformation, as autumn is in full sway with moody auburn and vibrant orange leaves flying across the crisp air, a sense of magic starts to envelop the nature around us. If you have a loved one with a November birthday  and would like to bestow them with a little token to show them how much they mean to you, we have picked out some of our favourite pieces.

November Birthstone - Citrine - named after the French word “citron” meaning lemon

Our November birthstone is Sunny Citrine with its warm, golden hue it is believed to be a reflection of the sun's energy, and is associated with happiness, joy, and positivity, making it a perfect fit for the November baby in your life.  When the days grow shorter, a bit of extra sunshine is always welcome making this stone a perfect addition to any of our personalised pieces as it is said to carry the energy of the sun, providing a sense of comfort and abundance to those who wear it.

We have selected 5 gift ideas for a special loved one in your life

zoe layered pearl bracelet gold

Zoe Layered Pearl Bracelet 

A gorgeous dainty pearl bracelet with two strands of seed pearls - this delicate bracelet is perfect for a November birthday and will be worn with outfits all through the festive season.  Wear it as a delicate accessory on it's own or layer it with other pearl jewellery - for extra prettiness. A perfect accessory for a November birthday that will be loved and worn all year long. 

double heart necklace with birthstone


Gold double heart necklace with initial + birthstone

Our gold double heart necklace with initial + birthstone includes a small heart charm that can be personalised with an initial and layered with a bigger heart charm with a hammered finish and includes a petite birthstone charm of your choice.


wildflower necklace gold


WildFlower Necklace Gold

Our wild flower necklace represents freedom, authenticity, individuality, resilience and personal growth.  Wildflowers are often gifted to represent love and friendship.  With this necklace you can add on a small initial disc and the birthstone of your choice.

trio of stars necklace lulu and belle


Trio of stars pendant gold

The North Star or polaris is the brighest star in the night sky, a beacon of guidance in times when you may feel a little lost.  Wear or gift this star necklace as a reminder that there is always hope and a guiding light to help you find your way. 


wildflower earrings gold


Wildbunch Drop Earrings Gold

The wildflowers celebrate friendship and the unique bonds between friends.  This would be a perfect pair of earrings to gift a friend, your sister or your Mum to let them know how unique they are to to celebrate your special bond. 

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